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Where Developers Meet Brands
Start a new Business
I am Planning to start a retail venture.I need strategy and business plan.

Retail Advice
I have retail Mall but it is not performing or how i need to fill up mall with the brands.
Development Assistance
We who enable the brands to meet developers ,that's what our tagline says.
Retail Funda
A complete guide to succeed in businees. Our strategy guide to provide complete picture of the market.
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By displaying your ads with us here
About us
Our story began in 2010
We are consulting company with right experience to fit into your budget and give personalized attention and not simply reports We are just big enough to understand and implement the best retail practices and take you safely through the big retail journey emerging in india.

Our Credentials
We as a team have worked with retail giants across formats and segments with in depth understanding of strategy, planning and implementation.Our motive is to fill the malls with renowned brands. We are specialized in Big formats like Hospitality(Hotels) ,Cinemas,Hyper-marts,Food courts,Fun zone(Kids entertainment area) and all retail segments.

What We Do
We are india based franchise consulting company. We lay strong franchise foundations for our clients after which we work very closely with every aspect of their franchise business.Our ultimate aim is to help them achieve their goals.

How We Work
We work with modern methods that catalyse franchising making franchise expansion and operations extremely efficient.Our experience and expertise is always aimed at saving time and costs,while ensuring that clients have a long term sustainable solution.
  • We are trendy
  • We provide best Franchise solutions
  • 24/7 Support
  • Our clients love us
  • We accelerate your business
  • We are passionate
At Infinity Retail India we not only look for smart, energetic and goal oriented individuals to join our team and grow with us but we celebrate it, we support it, and we flourish on it for the benefit of our employees, our products and our community. We offer the most competitive pay in the industry and offer wonderful opportunities to learn and grow in the exciting arena of Indian hospitality industry.

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Our creative funda

Retailers and Intending Retailers could use our Retail funda, a road map, to retail your business. We have created your ‘To Do List,’ which you must have as a resource document, while you go about retailing.
Information & Basic Research
  • Speak to Retail Analyst
  • Read books on Retailing.
  • Research the Internet on Retailing a business
  • Take the Retail Quiz
  • Evaluate All Expansion Options
Meet with a Retail consultant
  • Visit the Head office
  • How many years has the firm been in business
  • What is the knowledge and Retail experience that the proposed team has?
  • Is there a project head that will take complete responsibility of your franchising and you will not be lost with the other more important clients the company is working with.
  • Are there systems and processes defined to help clients get success
  • Review the client list and the previous work the company has done and seek referrals.
Are you moving forward with Retailing?
  • Do personalized detailed meeting with specialized Retail consultants
  • How many years has the firm been in business
  • Talk with your chartered accountants, business advisors, close friends and relatives
  • Make a realistic assessment of the resources you have to move forward in terms of:
Avoid these mistakes as you set out to Retail your business:
  • Do not assume ‘retailing'
  • Do not get started with a P&L Sheet & A return on Investment document for a Retail.
  • Do not copy & paste bits and pieces of other successful Retail/franchise models.
  • Hiring Retail Managers and Employees will only ensure that you get their perspective of franchising.
  • Its just not enough to have a lawyer do a Retail agreement and get started. Never start with a lawyer, have a complete strategy in place before you even think of getting a legal consultant.
  • If you have never Retail your business before, it’s not easy to do so.
Some crazy skills
Retail Solution
Market analytics
Our happy clients
They are happy to work with us
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